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Riverslea Purebred and Stud Santa Gertrudis bulls and females
are offered for sale privately and at selected sales.

"As seed stock producers we are committed to breeding commercially relevant bulls that will produce progeny that meet the specifications that improve the bottom line."

AI semen also available

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What Riverslea can offer you
Santa Gertrudis are renowned for...
Stud Sires
Stud Philosophy

What Riverslea can offer you

  • Increased Muscling & Superior Weight Gains
  • Hybrid Vigour, Outstanding Feed Conversion
  • Excellent Carcass Quality & Yield - we regularly benchmark our cattle at carcase competitions.
  • Fresh Outcross Genetics
  • Bulls Grown Under Realistic Commercial Conditions - fit & ready to work
  • High Fertility - tested
  • Great Temperament - quiet cattle eat better, convert feed better, stress less & have better carcass quality.  They are also safer & easier to handle.
  • Soft Easy Coat
  • Commitment & Care - bred by people who know stock
  • Excellent Health Status - inc. CattleMap, Pestivirus Carrier negative (tested)
  • Award Winning Genetics - we regularly exhibit our cattle, and come out on top.
  • Bulls to Suit Your Specific Requirements
  • Ultimate Cross Breeding Bull - maximise hybrid vigour.
  • Best Beef Buy Back Program
  • Grounded in Commercial Realities

Our Stud Cattle are Independently Classified to meet the 'Minimum Standards of Excellence'.

Riverslea Santa Gertrudis Bulls can help add flexibility to your herd -Turn off vealers, steers or bullocks.  Receive a premium for the female portion or keep them in your herd as breeders - pure or crossbred.

Riverslea show ribbons

Riverslea - Grand Champion Santa Gertrudis Exhibits in 2009, 2010, 2011 at National Beef; 2008, 2009, 2010 Royal Melbourne Show; & 2008, 2009, 2010 (2011 no show) Great Northern Show.


Reference Sires

Dangarfield Universe (poll scur)



Santa gertrudis Bull at Riverslea


A complete package bull. Commenced stud duties at Riverslea in 2013.

We are so excited about using the powerhouse that is Universe in our stud.

Purchased from Dangarfield for $40,000

Universe is unparalleled for quality....PROVEN...."He was undefeated in class judging in 2012 including Beef Week (Junior and Grand Champion) and the 8th Santa Gertrudis World Congress at EKKA.

The most serious, all round bull we have seen on the market. PLUS a temperament that is faultless. Weighing in at 1186kg, scrotal of 42 and an EMA of 130cm.

Diamond H Oakley (poll)



Santa gertrudis Bull at Riverslea


The Diamond H cattle breed so well for us. They are consistent is type, quality and structural correctness.

Oakley will continue to keep muscle through our herd and continue breeding for outstanding temperament that the Riverslea cattle are getting known for.

Champion All Breeds Bull at Toowoomba Show.

Dangarfield Viper (poll)




We are still amazed that we were able to purchase this bull for $12,000.

His temperament is amazing

He will continue to add frame score, depth, muscle and poll genetics to our herd.

We love the outlook, softness and breed character of this bull.

Pictured is Riverslea K9 (P) his top prieced son at our 2016 bull sale.

Riverslea Digger (poll)



Riverslea Digger

Riverslea Digger (poll) = Muscle + Early Maturing + Excellent Conformation + Outstanding Temperament. Supreme SG Exhibit Royal Melbourne Show (2009 & 2010), Champion Junior Bull National Beef (2009). By Diamond H General

GeneSTAR MVP testing April 2011 - Top 1% Tenderness, Top 50% Feed Efficiency, Top 50% Marbling.

His progeny continue to impress. He stamps his type and they inherit his terrific temperament.

AI straws available FOR SALE from this bull.

His sons topped at $11,500 at Red Hot @ Riverslea "The Santa Cattle Sale" 2013

Diamond H Mindreader (poll)



Diamond H Mindreader (poll)


In line with our commercial relevance we are using first season sire - Diamond H Mindreader (poll) by the top bull Diamond H Ironbar. This bull is an absolute power of muscle with high fertility traits and a large EMA.

Calves have the "WOW" factor, muscly, early maturing, very neat units.

Warenda Sahara (poll) (AI)


Warendah Sahara: Santa Gerturidis stud

Warenda Sahara (poll) is Australia's top priced Santa Gertrudis bull.

Used in our AI program. Sahara is based at the Yulgilbar Stud NSW.


Dangarfield Quarterback (poll)



Dangarfield Quaterback (poll)


A young bull from a strong genetic line at the Dangarfield stud. Soft, muscle and plenty of power. We rate this bull very highly.

Used in our AI program. Quarterback is based at the Queensland Dangarfield Stud.

Kuloomba 141 (poll) [AI]




Kuloonba 141: Santa Gertrudis Stud


JR, as he is known at the stud, is a beautiful bodied, polled bull with heaps of breed character.  Many of his progeny are in our top 10% and make the 'show team'. A selection of his sons are for sale now. His weaner progeny have the highest ADG at our stud.

Sire of the Supreme Santa Gertrudis Exhibit (Riverslea Eclipse) at National Beef 2011.

His sons averaged $5900 at our inaugural sale. 1 daughter sold for $3000.

AI straws are available. This bull is deceased.

By Waco Nightcap



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Stud Philosophy

Feed efficiency underpins much of the success of any commercial operation. Thus we select for cattle with excellent feed efficiency and weight gains. At the end of the day – good feed efficiency is more dollars in your pocket.

We back the Santa Gertrudis Breed.  We back our Bulls. 

The importance of quality cannot be stressed enough. We pride ourselves on running a herd of absolute top quality females. Our foundation females have been sourced from around Australia.

We have invested VERY heavily in some fantastic & diverse genetics - so we can produce bulls that suit your requirements: Bloodlines in our Sires, Cow Herd and Calves include;

Riverslea, Aberdeen, Alcar, Avalon, Balgree, Benetook, Canowindra, Chesford, Cumberland, Dangarfield, Diamond H, Doondi, Dresmaine, Dundee, Elco, Eurella, Forest Park, Forrest Hill, Georgina Downs, Gillespie, Glen Gillian, Goolagong, Gyranda, Hazelwood, Kendara, Kelly Wallah, Keystone, KM, Kuloomba, Marylands, Merryup, Nungaroi, Pinaroo, Quandilla, Red Rock, Rockingham, Robenlea, Seagrove, Strathmore, Sujo, Swan Hill, Tara, The Reefs, Valley View, Waco, Walmona, Warenda, Wendalla, Wonga, Woodstock, Yarrawonga, Yulgilbar, …

Santa Gertrudis are renowned for...

  • Bloat Resistance
  • Pink Eye & Eye Cancer Resistance
  • Heat Tolerance
  • Small Birth Size - Rapid Weight Gains
  • Adaptability
  • Hardiness - Ability to Forage & Walk for Water
  • Large Mature Frame
  • High Carcass Yield & Quality
  • High Milk Values - inc High Butterfat Percentage
  • Longevity
  • Finish on Grass or Grain
  • Excellent Maternal Instincts
  • Calving ease - in competitive tests Santa Gertrudis cows have produced consistently larger calf crops than other breeds

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Riverslea Santa Gertrudis

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